How Not to Relapse

So, we’re putting a zillion Jiggawatts of energy into staying sober.  Doing sober things, thinking sober thoughts, trying to even have sober dreams.  How do we keep our shit together enough to ensure we stay that way?

First, we don’t drink.

Second, we don’t drink.

Third, we have a relapse prevention plan and WE PUT IT TO USE.

In the IOP I keep dredging up, one of our 3 assignments was to put together an RPP.

Some folks typed it out the day it was due, some folks arted it up,  one crafty lady made her own personal app for her phone with links to all the stuff she put in her relapse prevention plan.

I made mine into a mini book that I can put in my bag and keep with me.

What does a relapse prevention plan usually contain?

1)Phone numbers and names of people you can call RIGHT NOW to help you through the tough moments.

2) Website links for places to read or watch inspiring recovery stuff.

3) Ideas for what to do INSTEAD.

4) Reasons not to drink.  Reasons why a drink is a baaaaad idea.

5) Individualized coping skills.  What works for you.

6) More things to do INSTEAD.

7) Helpful and uplifting quotes, memories, etc.

Here’s mine:

And so on.  There are two pages filled with “things to do instead” and a page of phone numbers to text or talk.

I put this page in and filled the pocket with pieces of some artwork on which I wrote my kids’ names, and on the reverse I wrote things I love about each kid.

There is also a pocket page for the kids:

Where they can leave me goofy jokes and little notes.

There is a page on PAWS and telling me to check my HALT.   There is a page of useful quotes and a page with 5  blank lines for 5 things for which I am grateful.

The back cover art is by my 4 year old.

So there is an example of how to make a quick relapse prevention plan.   There are a million ways to do it and every one of them is helpful.

Keep kicking addiction’s ass!


11 thoughts on “How Not to Relapse

  1. One of the best things to do for those who have managed to amass some sober years is to work with another alcoholic who is struggling with sobriety. Nothing in sobriety is more rewarding. Nothing.

    Great post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! I love that I can just grab it and be calmed down. The reassurances that I can ask for help are really, really comforting to me. I tend to be such an isolated person if I don’t TRY.
      And I totally should have glittered it! Maybe I still will!


  2. What a great idea, I love that you carry it with you and it’s available whenever temptation may strike. Love all the vivid colors, happy artwork, and beautiful words of wisdom to remind you not to go back to the dark days.

    Liked by 1 person

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