91 Days! and a Resource List

Today was 91 days.  I’m being extra vigilant right now because last time I hit 90 days, at about day 94 I began drinking again.  So I’m taking extra care to pay attention to everything–my thoughts, my energy, my overall health, what I do with my time, etc.  I’m trying to keep the days busy enough, but not packed, because I need some down time lately.


I’m working on a resource list to give to the folks who run the 12-week Intensive Outpatient Program from which I will be *graduating* on Wednesday.  (Yippeeeee!) They hand out a sheet of paper with names of books, websites, etc., that people in recovery might find useful.  The students in my class had lots of things to add to the list, and I thought I’d come up with a whole new one to give as my “thank you” to the incredible people who taught me so much.

Here’s what I have so far.  If you have things you think i should add, please drop me a note!  I know I’m very low on faith-based materials…it’s a hazard of being nonreligious.

Now, where’s my invisible book of invisibility??

Books:  Blackout;  Dry;  Portrait of the Addict as a Young Man; Drunk Mom; Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety; Her Best Kept Secret; This is How;  Carry On, Warrior; Between Breaths ; Rewired;  The Rewired Coloring Book; The Sober Revolution Vol 1;  Mrs. D is Going Without; Smashed;  Bottled;  Wasted; Wishful Drinking; Postcards From the Edge

(Those are just the ones I’ve read recently enough to remember their names.  If you’ve read any others, whether they are memoirs or self-help books on addiction and recovery, please drop me a note!  I don’t want to link to books that aren’t recommended if I haven’t read them myself, so I need recommendations.)


PodCasts:  HOME;  The Bubble Hour;  Recovergirl;  SoberNation;  Recovery Unscripted;  Sober Guy Radio;  Recovered Podcast; Joe and Charlie;

Again, this is just a list of the few I’ve listened to.  If you’ve got suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

That word should have a MUCH higher value!!

Blogs and useful websites:  Obviously, I’ve got quite a list!  If you have any suggestions at all that are related to recovery and sobriety, please share!  I’m including tons of blogs, as well as SMART Recovery, LifeRing, aaagnostica.org, hipsobriety.com, women for sobriety, thisnakedmind; the fix;

Apps:  Sobriety Clocks, Headspace, Sober Meditations, Breathe, Calm, Insight Timer, Pocket Rehab AA, Sober Grid, 12 Step Speakers by Dean Huff, Pink Cloud (AA Mtg Finder), Addicaid-Addiction Recovery Support, and I have a few more.

This is all a work in progress, as I think I’ve said 8 times so far.  😉  I’m excited to put all of this together and I hope it will help some folks.  🙂

So it’s been raining here and that is both good and bad.  It’s good, because we  live in the middle of Alaska and have to haul our own water, so watering all the garden beds is a LOT of work.  And it’s not so good because I can’t hang out in my hammock when it’s pouring down rain!  We even had a few thunderstorms in the last week that included hail and lightning/thunder right on our property.  Amazing stuff.

(Not my home.)

The family medical emergency is ongoing.  Right now we’re in a holding pattern.  I’m sure a ton of folks out there know how that feels.  So we’re all just trying to get along with love and patience and remember not to pre-catastrophize!!

Fathers Day was very nice and low-key.  Lots of gifts from the kids, homemade cards, and I made apple pie and homemade pizza.  Went to my AAA meeting at 5 (I’m Chair/Secretary) and it went pretty well.  I was disappointed in the “Beyond Belief” quote for the day, AND by the quote for tomorrow!  Sheeeesh!  Today’s quote was about how you need to have FAITH that the program will work, and tomorrow’s was about sex addiction and other addictions.  Well, I DON’T have faith.

Science, bitches.  It works.

What I do have is empirical evidence that AA might work to help me maintain my sobriety.  I have evidence that if I change certain portions of AA, I will probably fit well with the other Agnostics and Atheists in our group and be able to utilize AA in a way that suits me.  I also don’t need to read about anyone’s sex addiction, no matter how similar the author thinks it is to alcohol addiction.  And that goes triple for the idea of discussing my sex life with a bunch of AA buddies.  *record scratch*

Just not gonna happen.

So anyway, life is good.  I’m hanging in there and approaching my sobriety with a clear desire to NOT drink.  I’m handling things pretty well, and hope things continue this way.  I’m ready for a round of PAWS, though, if it comes.

Take care of yourselves and of each other.

And keep kicking addiction’s ass!










7 thoughts on “91 Days! and a Resource List

  1. I’m Canadian eh?….and wanted to share a website I found by a Canadian specialist in addiction and mood disorders, Dr. Steven Melemis.
    Here it is: http://www.addictions and recovery.org

    Good luck…I’m right behind you!!! (Well…82 days behind you but ready to “kick addictions ass” as you say!)
    Thankyou 😊

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  2. Books:
    This naked Mind – Annie Grace
    Eight Step Recovery: Using the Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction – Valerie Mason-John
    Drink: The Deadly Relationship Between Women and Alcohol – Ann Dowsett Johnston
    The wisdom of no escape – Pema Chordron
    Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to True Happiness by James Baraz, Shoshana Alexander – (This one is amazing!)

    (I know many of these books have something to do with Buddism and I know you are not religious but the teachings within them are sound if you approach it from a philosophical point of view.)

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