Putting it all together

Hey, everyone.  Thanks for all the kind words and inquiries about how things are going.  I’ve been super busy and…well, just busy.

I will hit 6 months in just a few days.  I feel great, aside from some incipient migraines that don’t ever seem to really go away these days.  I’m loving life right now, sober and no cravings and just really being busy with the homeschool year, family, etc.

I’ve been running 2 AAA meeting each week for a while now, but my good friend is going to take over the Sunday meeting to give me  more time with family.  It will be a nice break from a lot of investment in our heathen AA group.  I may or may not still attend, but having the running of the meeting off my hands will be a relief. (Thanks, P!!)

There have been a lot of good meetings and reinforcement of some important lessons for me.  I’ve had a lot of phone contact with a few women who are struggling and new to sobriety…I’m certainly not a sponsor or anything like that, but it’s been amazing being able to talk these women through those first crucial, terrifying, shaky steps.  I’m humbled and  little frightened by that.   Those women are helping me remember why I never want to do day one again.  They are giving me a gift.

This is just a quick post to jump on here and say I’m alive, I’m sober, I’m just incredibly busy and not sure I have anything worthwhile to say right now. ?

Everything I’ve learned and read since this journey began back in December, every lesson I learned through having a relapse and getting a DUI in March…all of it is helping me today.  It has all been so worth it.  Even the horror of a DUI…well, I can honestly say that I probably wouldn’t be in such a strong space in my sobriety right now if life hadn’t clocked me upside the head like that.  It was a terrible thing to do–I was in a terrible place when it happened.  I’m so grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn from that experience.  I didn’t hide from it, didn’t blame anyone else or try to wiggle out of it.  Somehow I found the strength to walk right through that and become a better person.

I know how I did that:  All of the blogs,  podcasts, books, classes, meditations…all of it has helped me get to six months.



The family is doing great.  Our emergency is in a lull right now, and everyone is enjoying jumping back into the homeschool routine.  Little One is “doing” a Waldorf-style pre-K with me.  We’re very laid-back and just get to enjoy  her being 4.  She loves handwork, painting, sewing, playing, baking…it’s so refreshing, being on baby #7 and not worrying about the day-to-day so much, because I have a better picture of what we’re aiming for in the future.

It’s Autumn here, and it’s GORGEOUS.  I love my little hobbit home more than ever in Autumn.  Golden leaves everywhere, the smallest whiff of woodsmoke now and then…the chill in the air in the morning…it’s just lovely.  We don’t start our wood stove until it gets colder, so our house is sometimes chillier than the outdoors!  Great way to herd everyone outside into the sunshine.   The aurora have been incredible at night, as well.

My little slice of heaven

I’m spending my quiet time making zillions of things out of felt.  It’s really, really addicting.  (But nobody gets arrested for felting too much).   Needlefelt, sewing felt, embroidering felt…dolls, fingerpuppets, gnomes.  So. Much. Fun. I’m getting quite the jump start on the holidays.

Weather gnomes and a homemade perpetual calendar

And I finished the 22yo’s birthday paintings and she likes them! 

 I almost got too worried about whether they looked good enough or not and bought her something instead, but I’m glad I sent them.  🙂

So hello, everyone, and thanks for keeping tabs on me.  I appreciate it!





4 thoughts on “Putting it all together

  1. What an amazing home you’ve created! A hobbit house, at that. I love the little felt hats. And these wise words as well … nobody gets arrested for felting too much.
    I always feel like I need MORE ART in my life after reading your blog. We have a purpose there, but I’m so caught up in writing a book right now that I haven’t made time for fun projects. Soon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love all of this, and am so happy you are doing well – you’ve been in the back of my mind, thanks for all the wonderful updates.
    Your home in Autumn sounds magical, along with all of your playful felt creations! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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