Just a Quickie

I have tons to say: the blog posts in my mind are piling up. But for now I’ll leave you all with this text I sent my grown daughters today:



Me: stop sewing to go to restroom upstairs


Restroom is occupied


Think of chocolate in fridge, stop for a piece. Little One would like a piece. Share


Little One wants to paint. Get out paints and watercolor paper. Paint with Little One.


Notice Little One did not finish her lunch. Talk about lies and refer Little One to laundry room to sit quietly.


Get Little One more soup.


Sit with Little One while she eats.


Build calendar of blocks to show the day.


Clear dishes


Clean paints


Talk to 16yo son for a while


Write out next day’s grocery list.


Go back downstairs.


Kids ask what I’m going to do.

Respond that I don’t know. Might sew.

Look at machine: I am in the middle of a project.


Sit down to sew


Realize I forgot to pee.







Some things I’ve been making:





2 thoughts on “Just a Quickie

  1. Here’s my favorite part: “Refer Little One to laundry room to sit quietly.” Wow, does that bring back memories. My son used to hang out the window in his bedroom, yelling to the neighbors when he was in time out. It seems like a long time ago.

    Today I will treasure my free time, on your behalf. ; )

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