I’m a 40-something mom of many.  I homeschool my kids for a ton of reasons, none of which are religious or particularly moralistic. I’m an atheist but I don’t care what religion or non-religion you are, really!  I live in the middle of Alaska with my Spouse Extraordinaire and the 4 of our children who have not yet flown this cuckoo’s nest.

I’m in recovery from alcohol (over)use, and am learning a little more every day.  Once I can figure out how to link to all the blogs and books I love, I’ll do that (and I’ll change this paragraph).

The postcard thing:  Send me a line at postcardsfromrecovery@gmail.com and I would LOVE to send off a postcard to you in support of your recovery.  I won’t make them OBVIOUSLY ABOUT ALCOHOL OR DRUGS.  I promise. 🙂

I’ll also send you back my mailing address, but you absolutely don’t have to do anything with that.  I’m just trying to play fair.

I hope to hear from you soon!  Keep on kicking addiction’s ass!!